Learn tech sales.
Get a great job.

Learn tech sales.
Get a great job.

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We're GITS

We know it's confusing! Well, not really. GITS (Get Into Tech Sales) is a community of sales professionals that come from underrepresented groups helping top talent uncover their inner CEO. We're a looking to change the narrative and empower other groups to reach farther.

We want to empower future sales talent!


We're a diverse group that believes in all viewpoints and experiences  

  1. Offering your organization more visibility to underrepresented groups
  2. Reduce ramp up time and time to value during probation
  3. Increased diversity and gender parity
  4. Providing qualified and interested sales talent
  5. Expediting basic sales knowledge and practices 


"Gold Rush" of opportunity in Toronto

  1. Help raise awareness of opportunities in tech to women and minority communities..
  2. Develop a platform for them to learn skills, connect with peers and engage with employers..
  3. Connect top talent to sales roles at the best local tech companies..

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